Marine Managers Workshop


Marine Managers' Workshop - Spring 2015
March 26/27 at the Friday Harbor Grange, by invitation.  
"Charting a Course Forward in the Salish Sea: Understanding risks to San Juan County and the Gulf Islands from Increased Vessel Traffic"

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2014 Recap

Marine Managers'/Shellfish Growers' Workshop - 2014 Agenda


Global Climate Change and Ocean Acidification

by Dr. Terrie Klinger, Co-Director, Washington Ocean Acidification Center and Dr. Jan Newton, Co-Director, Washington Ocean Acidification Center

Plastic in the Ocean: Much Ado About... Something?

by Joel Baker, Director of Puget Sound Institute

San Juan County Critical Areas and Shoreline Master Plan: Aquaculture Regulations

by Linda Kuller, Planning Manager San Juan County Community Development Department

Ocean Acidification and Effect on Shellfish - Part 1

Ocean Acidification and Effect on Shellfish - Part 2

by Bill Dewey, Taylor Shellfish

2013 Recap

The Annual 2013 Marine Managers Workshop was held on February 27, 28 and March 1 at Friday Harbor Labs. The agenda and materials are posted below.

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Marine Managers Workshop - 2013 Agenda

Ocean Acidification Seminar

2012 Marine Managers Workshop Report


2012 Recap

Salish Sea Marine Survival - Michael Schmidt

Salmon Recovery Update - Barbara Rosenkotter

Shoreline Master Program Update - Peter Skowlund

Ocean Acidification

Ocean Acidification: What Can We Do? - Eric Scigliano

A Report on WA's Response to OA for Marine Managers - Eric Swenson

Ocean Acidification and its Biological Impacts - Shallin Busch

Sea Level Rise

Protecting Ecosystem Function with Sea Level Rise and Cumulative Effects Management Tools - Tina Whitman

Climate Change and the Salish Sea - Graham Farstad

Renewable Energy Tools

Marine-based Renewable Energy Options - D Marlor

Marine Spatial Planning in Washington - Jennifer Hennessey


Wrapping it up: Key Points from the Workshop